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Top Frequently Asked Retirement Questions
What is a good retirement income?
That all depends on how much liabilities you take into retirement with you.  Most retirement experts say you should go into retirement with 75-80% of your pre-retirement exit working years.
What is the best savings account for retirement?
The best savings account for retirement will depend on a few factors with the main one being your annual income.  Having a ROTH IRA is probably the best savings account for retirement or utilizing the ROTH component in your company 401k plan.
How much money do you need to retire comfortably at age 65?
While there is no dollar amount and most while most online experts would claim to be able to give you a number it would all depend on your lifestyle.  If you needed to generate about $120,000 a year in retirement income you would need at least $3 million saved for retirement.  The good news is that number could be made up from pensions and all retirement distribution buckets. 
Should I have Cryptocurrency in my retirement plan?
If you have no problem with volatile and speculative investing then Cryptocurrency may be for you. At we strongly advise against it because of the uncertainty of the underlined investments for retirement planning. 
How much will I get for Social Security?
Social security income is calculated based on the age you file for it.  If you retire before full retirement age you could lose up to 30% of your proposed monthly benefit. Use the calculator. 
What is the average Social Security check for retirees?
The average retiree depending on the age they declare for social security can expect to receive on average of $1,496 per month as of 2020. Use the calculator to get a more accurate answer.
Is it better to get Social Security at 62 or 65?
While most social platforms or online articles cannot give you a definitive yes or no answer, the answer lies in your monthly free cash flow.  The lifestyle you have chosen in your retirement distribution years will answer this question better for you.  In most cases delaying up to 3 years before you file for social security benefits could mean the difference of $200-$300 per month. 
At what age is 401k withdrawal tax free? 
That depends on if you have a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a ROTH IRA component in your 401k.  You can make retirement withdrawals penalty free at 59 1/2 but taxes depend on traditional or Roth elections.  
Who has the best online retirement calculator? 
There are more than a dozen retirement calculators online, and while they all can give you a pretty good idea when it comes to estimated numbers, most if not all of them do not answer lifestyle questions. is one of the few online calculators that provide both types of questions in their advice.  

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